1. {aesthetic} (Taken with Instagram)

  2. CLEANED UP THE STUDIO ! ! ! ! ! !  Life’s too short to have a messy studio

  3. Made a 26” squeegee to print some bbbiiiggg stuff finally.  excited to try this thing out! 

    Paralam, rubber blade, aluminum screwposts, and a bit of epoxy. 

  4. Live Screenprinting! This Saturday, February 18, 2012

    @Blackmarket LA (2023 Sawtelle Blvd. LA, CA 90025/ 310.966.1655)

    **Bring a shirt! We will print this image on it for just $5! Blank shirts are available

    Sweetbeats will be blasting the tunes and selling ice cream too! Come by and bring buddies!


  5. Cleans’ got love for Unique LA

    We will be returning to State of unique this weekend Feb 11-12// 11-5 both days.s So come check us out at booth 131. There will be free drinks and food…Rad people and good times. YEAYAH!!! 

    @ The California Market Center (110 East Ninth Street, LA, CA 90079



  6. DTLA Art Walk

    It was Clean’s first experience at the Downtown LA Art Walk, but it will definitely not be our last. We had a lot of fun and met so many cool people. Thanks to everyone who came to support! 

    Our new friend Emily, lookin’ super fly in her San Tropez Tee fresh off the shelf… Yay!

    Some people checking out the awesometastic scrolls from our buddy, Phil Kim aka The Master. You can see more of his work at www.philkim-arts.com

    Here’s a picture from outside our retail space. Thanks to, I Art U for hosting the event. It was a lot of fun. If you have never been it’s totally worth checking out, the second Thursday of each month. Food, Music, Art and cool people. What more could you want?…

    Peace and love from the Clean {aesthetic} crew! Phil, Charlie, and Aaron. 


  7. I Art U, Downtown LA Art Walk

    Clean {aesthetic} will be selling shirts, exclusive art prints and some awesome artwork from non other than Mr. Phil Kim.

    TONIGHT at the Downtown LA Art Walk. Hosted by I Art U…

    Located on 4th and Main at the Medallion. So make sure to stop by from 6-12p.m. to check out some world class musical entertainment, free food and of course amazing artwork. Viva L.A. Renaissance!

    You can check out their Facebook for all the details! Hope to see you there. http://www.facebook.com/iartudtla


  8. Happy Holidays, Clean {aesthetic} style…Get 30% your entire purchase! Promo Code: cleanholidays

    CLICK HERE http://cleanaesthetic.storenvy.com/ to check out the goods…


  9. Unique LA 2011 (recap version due to some post lagging)

    Getting the display ready…below are the display panels we made to show the graphic tees on….extremely fun to construct.

    These things were designed to break down and fit in Aaron’s Acura hatchback so we could actually get this structure to the event.

    Figured out how to make some fuckin' awesome stickers with the local printers, M&M on Sepulveda & Manchester.  RAD printing spot. Inexpensive. Nice people too.

     V I B R A N T   C O L O R S !     S W E E T   V I B R A N T   C O L O R S !

    ____________________S H I R T S______________________

    As for the merch, we had a mega-ultimate supply.  Aaron printed ‘em for hours and hours whilst I sewed tags in till my eyes burned like one-thousand suns.

    Aaron’s forearms exploded with pressure and gorilla strength by the morning.  Finished at 7.30am and flew from LAX to downtown in about 20 minutes (fly Acura Airlines). 

    Sleepless nights, veins filled 50% red blood cells, 50% caffeine, and more Daft Punk than the dance floor…and then there was Unique LA…


    ANIMALS! stylish animals (I’m just kidding they were really people) fiending for the best deal, the coolest gear, & the latest style; but just as the crowds stopped searching did they find what they were all looking for….

    …The Wonderous Joy That Is CLEAN {aesthetic} woo yeah alright sick-ass dank fool purse dogg killer awesome fool you love it we hope if you don’t then learn cause there’s lots of love and high-fives to share with you when you share your chests with our graphic tee tees. 


    Overall, the Unique LA experience was sweet as molasses and as fun as flying in a dream.  CLEAN recommends it to anyone interested in the greater Los Angeles area & the designs that come out of creative minds within. Thank Younique and thank U for your continuous support. Much Love & endless peace.


  10. Clean, droppin’ knowledge at LMU

    This week week Clean Aesthetic, was invited to talk as guest speakers about t-shirt printing for the Loyola Marymount, printmaking class. First off, thank you to Professor Lomeli for the opportunity and to the students for being so enthusiastic about the lesson. We really enjoyed the experience! Here are some pics from the class…

    What you talking bout, Charlie?!

    Busting a move.

    The moment of truth…

    YAY!!!! Fun times had by all.